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Sears Reviews

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  • Sears Stove no good defective

    I have been waiting for almost 2 months to get rid of this stove and upgrade it for a new one was under 30 days when I first made the call to request a new one. I keep getting the run around from everyone I call. They tell me there processing the order asked me for my credit number 2 times and as Im writing this email have been on hold for 36 minutes. My order # is 844977441. Can you please help me before I make a complaint with the BBB. My email is 626 488-7850 i More...
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  • Disgusting refrigerator

    To whom it may concern, I recently purchased a home and placed an order at for a Kenmore Pro 79993 refrigerator with a five year warranty. My order number is 849551567. The condition of the item stated that there was only a dent on the side. When the item was delivered a week later, I was not home to receive it but my father immediately called to inform me that the refrigerator was in terrible condition. Upon my arrival, I could see that the refrigerator seemed to be previously used. Most of the shelving and screws were completely rusted out, there was food crumbs and even... More...
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  • Sears Customer Service

    There was a time when the name Sears was highly regarded for honesty, quality, excellent customer service. Sadly, those days are long gone. The treatment of your loyal customers tells me that you do not care if you go out of business. All I need is to have my riding lawn mower serviced. I have been openly lied to and given the run-around, and still with no resolution. My mower is under warranty but it will be expiring soon. If they wait long enough I will have no warranty left and they can just tell me I am out of luck. I have been calling for weeks, been on the phone for hours (three... More...
    bisonjump's Picture   bisonjump    0 Comments   Comments
  • Never received dishwasher

    Bought dishwasher in Feb. 2015 on Sears credit card, intending to use it in a remodeled kitchen. I was unable to pick it up, and called the salesperson and requested that they delay delivery. Due to problems with contractors followed by major health issues, I was unable to follow up until early this year. The manager at the Fair Oaks Virginia Sears advised me that inventory records are only kept at the store for 2 years (I first contacted her in Feb 2017, just under 2 years). She copied the receipt and told me she would follow up with corporate and call me back. Now she does not answer my... More...
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  • Problems with service

    I went for an oil change was convinced into other service I agreed. My air conditioner when I left was blowing extremely hot heat. Brought it back and they broke the dial that changes the heat to cold. They said it was already broken. I said not as we just had cooler weather and I know it wasn't broken. They refused to fix it. So know I have to pay for it I only have air conditioning now. More...
    (Repair Services)
  • service tech scheduled, no show no record

    On 5/15/2017, thru the Sears website, I placed a complaint re shoddy service, Nathan, with listed ph.# of 800-479-6351 replied and set a time of service of 5/17/2017 0800-1200. I stayed home, no calls, no arrival. I called the # and was notified that there was no scheduled appt. with the # I provided (303-941-7671), therefore no appt. showed. ALL OF THE PREVIOUS TRANSACTIONS WITH NATHAN WERE PER E-MAIL (which I can forward) SO THE FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE PROPERLY WERE AT SEARS SERVICE. Subsequent calls and communications indicated overseas customer reps who were clueless about what they had... More...
    (Repair Services)
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  • Sears broken dryer and rude employees

    I am very upset and have never been treated by any company how Sears treats their customers. I had a service appointment for today 5/3/17 from 7-11 am. I received 2 text from sears saying that my technician was on his way at 7:01am. At 9:30 he still did not show and my husband called in and was told that he is on his way and will be at our home by 10:00am. At 11:30 he still did not show so my husband called again and was told it was cancelled for today as he had a family emergency. We have been told this in the past on 2 other calls for different issues hat he had a family emergency. So I... More...
    (Repair Services)
    Sandan's Picture   Sandan    0 Comments   Comments
  • Sears is losing Billions of dollars

    I purchased a microwave from Sears store in Fair Oaks Mall, Fairfax VA. I returned it a few weeks later and purchased a $500+ Microwave with 5 Year Warranty for a big home remodeling project. They said it would be shipped to me within 30 days. I never received the Microwave, so I went into the store week after week to get a refund. They have the misdirection down to an art. They said I would receive a refund, then said I would receive a check in the mail another month went by and nothing. So I disputed it with my Credit Card company. Sears spent a lot of time trying to prove that I have... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    shartwic's Picture   shartwic    0 Comments   Comments
  • Tv arrived With a Cracked Screen

    After waiting over 2 weeks for the tv to arrive ,it arrived with a cracked screen..This was suppose to be for my wife for her birthday this May 7th.I purchased it online from Sears on April 15th,told it was shipped and arrival would be April 21st.Never heard a word about its delay ..called them and customer service said it hadn't been shipped and that Sears hadn't paid the Vendor so it was delayed...assured it would arrive this week. We waited .arrived today and it has a huge cracked screen and scuff marks on the back .the outer screen wasn't even flush to the tv itself.I... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
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  • Outdated gift card

    I purchased a $100 gift card for Christmas for my mother in 2005. Shortly after that she became ill, suffered a stroke, dementia with all the problems associated with those issues. She must have stashed the card away somewhere and it wasn't found until recently. I called Sears gift card department and they say they can't do anything. I disagree, I believe they can give credit for the gift card, that it would be the decent thing to do. If the person at Sears dealing with this matter has had a parent or other close relative who suffered such problems, and knows what a family... More...
  • Do not honor a clear cut lifetime warranty

    I have taken my Machine apart for repair, And noticed that the Stainless steel drum is corroded to the point of collapsing and then it will flood my house. The warranty on the Drum is LIFETIME. They will not send me a new part unless I pay for a tech to come out (under my cost) No where does it state that they have to send out a sears tech for the part to be ordered. After being on the phone for 2 hours, and transferred 4 times They finaly let me talk to a manager,She decifers the warranty to her own definition. Very smug actually, and then she hung up on me. More...
    (Repair Services)
    bomoe1's Picture   bomoe1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Annual Preventive Maintenance appointment

    I had an appointment scheduled for today (appointment made by a Sears phone rep named Arizona) for Annual Preventive Maintenance for my washer and dryer provided by the extended warranty I purchased. I was told an outside company would do the service (Why Sears does not do it's own service is my first question???) and the appointment was made for today between 8am and noon. (THREE TIMES during the initial call with Arizona - I told her that the phone number she had recorded on my warranty was no longer in service. I gave her my cell number and my new home number...I repeated them... More...
    (Repair Services)
    Grannabelle's Picture   Grannabelle    0 Comments   Comments
  • Repair LG washer

    It has been over a week trying to get my washer repaired from Sears. Finally two repair guys came today, but refused to repair my washer because a palmetto bug had crawled into the washer, and I was told to remove it. I was floored! They also had a shop vac which they could have used to remove it since water had to be drained from the washer. There were no dirty clothes since I had spent 5 hours at the laundry mat ($50). I live in south Florida where palmetto bugs are common. I don't know what was put in the report, but I was told I need to get an exterminator before they would repair... More...
    (Repair Services)
  • sears home repair service

    I bought a Sears Kenmore refrigerator and the Freezer went out 9 weeks ago! I have had 3 repair guys show up taking 2 to 3 weeks each time for them to get here and lost 3 freezer-fuls of food! Valued way more then the $300.00 reimbursement you get. I am now waiting, yet again, another 2 1/2 weeks for them to come out again! I HATE SEARS! My husband said to me 5 minutes ago, "kill me dead if I ever buy another thing from Sears". We were such loyal Sears customers too. I have spent over two hours today trying to get someone to actually help me on their service line.....Sears I hope... More...
    (Repair Services)
    Moyle's Picture   Moyle    0 Comments   Comments
  • Unsatisfied Customer

    Bought a ring and care plan at Sears sent the ring out to be resized. I went to pick it up one evening, tried it on to make sure it fit and went home. Once at home I took it out to admire it and I found several stones (small diamonds) were missing. I called the next day and the lady told me that it was rare but that it sometimes happened during the resizing process. I went back after work and the manager in fine jewelry told me that this had never happened before, which I find hard to believe since just that morning I had been told differently. At this point she proceeds to tell me that... More...
  • Sears faulty ring

    Bought a ring and care plan at Sears sent the ring out to be resized. I went to pick it up one evening, tried it on to make sure it fit and went home. Once at home I took it out to admire it and I found several stones (small diamonds) were missing. I called the next day and the lady told me that it was rare but that it sometimes happened during the resizing process. I went back after work and the manager in fine jewelry told me that this had never happened before, which I find hard to believe since just that morning I had been told differently. At this point she proceeds to tell me that... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
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  • SEARS - repair & warrenty product replacement

    I bought a Kenmore-branded range from Sears a year ago and it has never worked correctly. I understand that some times there are just lemons. However, after the process I have been put through to qualify for a replacement, I am really wondering what has happened to Sears. Everyone that came to the house was very nice, everyone I spoke to on the phone was very nice, but no one really had the power to go the next step unless I got really mad an showed them that I knew what my rights as a consumer were. Then they started to get a bit more helpful. At each and every step I had to fight for my... More...
    (Repair Services)
    redcat13's Picture   redcat13    0 Comments   Comments
  • Sears repair on dishwasher

    What has happened to Sears....I just got the run-around for the fourth time to resolve a payment for a home warranty agreement for all appliances in my home. I called to repair three appliances on the same date. The representative advise that I would just have to pay the $60 deductible once because I called them in on the same day. I paid the $60 and then a month later I received a letter from the National Claim Center in Texas that I owed $60. Sears sent me a print-out showing payment which I sent to the National Claims Center. The next month I received another letter from them that... More...
    (Repair Services)
    apaylion's Picture   apaylion    0 Comments   Comments
  • Return of product 4 days later after purchase....denied

    I had written a complaint on another Sears sight 1/17/17, but never heard back. I had purchased 2 revolving Christmas tree stands on Friday 1/17/17. I asked the cashier if I needed to return anything how ling did I have. She told me I had 30 days. The 1 tree stand did not work for my daughter, so I brought it back 4 days later to return. The same cashier I purchased it from said they were not taking Christmas returns back. I reminded her I purchased it from her & she told me I had 30 days. She called on the phone to someone & told me again.NO. Needless to say I am very... More...
    (Holiday shopping reviews)
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  • My order delivery

    I ordered a treadmill on January 4, 2017 and the delivery company that Sears use cannot seem to get the order to me. Once I received the 2 hour delivery time I did not confirm the time I called the online delivery place and asked for any time after 4:30 p.m. The next morning the delivery company calls with the same old delivery time so we had to reschedule because the manager at (706)-447-4950 stated that his guys will be back in by 2p.m and they will be closing the warehouse at 12p.m. I wasn't allowed to come pick up the item. So I reschedule the delivery for January 18, 2017 with a... More...
    (Delivery Services)
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  • Sears Repair and Parts Refund Policy

    After paying for a mechanic to estimate what it would take to repair my treadmill, I waited three weeks to find the main part I needed was no longer made. I found out by calling to follow up. At that time I was refunded to any parts I had purchased ahead of time but after being promised a full refund including the $95 fee for the estimate, suddenly was told that is non refundable. I am never using them again unless we come clean. Why make a promise and take it back. I had to dispose of my broken treadmill and buy a new one at Dick's instead of Sears. They could have given me money... More...
    (Repair Services)
    emersonfam3's Picture   emersonfam3    0 Comments   Comments
  • Washer repair service

    Wayne Toy Him 4627 Central Ave NE, Washington, DC20019 Tel: 202-397-8019 Cell: 202-664-9189 Email: flowers President and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Edward Scott Lampert Sears Holdings Corporation 3333 Beverly Rd Hoffman Estates IL 60179 Thursday, December 08, 2016 Dear Sir, Yesterday Dec 7th, I was scheduled for a follow up repair appointment for a Kenmore Laundry Center, The window of time given was 8.00 am to 12.00 noon; I diligently insured I was on site as the location is not my home or workplace. At around 11.15am I contacted Sears as I recalled the... More...
    (Repair Services)
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  • Sears Canada is frustrating me!

    I made two different orders from your Sears Canada online shop. However, some items in the same order were not delivered. Order 1: Order Placed Nov 29, 2016 Order Number E0213997 Missing items: Item No.: 2848966_I (One), Item No.: 2850435_I (One), Item No.: 14150005_I (Two), Item No.: 14150007_I (One), Item No.: 14150008_I (One), Item No.: 14150006_I (Five), Order 2: Order Placed Nov 30, 2016 Order Number E0225448 Missing item: Item No.: 10455336_I (Two) May I know what is the problem with the missing items and why they did not delivered with the other items in their order.... More...
    (Delivery Services)
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  • Never shop at sears again!

    I will never shop at Sears again. The worst coustomer service I have ever had. The Manager at Peoria, Il Sears, Jim Howard, basically accused me of stealing because I did not have a receipt. We bought a dehumidifier and did not discover it was broke and misplaced our receipt. All I wanted to do was exchange it because I knew I could not get a refund without a receipt. so I was going to be happy with an exchange. Sears is the only store that I know that does not do this. I will never buy another product from them again. More...
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  • Simmons Bently Cuddler Power Recliner

    I keep writing and calling Simmons which is as you say is United Furniture Industries about my broken Simmons Bently Recliner that is less than 6 Months ols but do not get a answer of any kind back and I do not think they realize the drastic Importance of this matter ! I am a retired 63 old man that due to injuries and other ailments cannot sleep in a bed and have to sleep in a recliner this is my bed. I cannot afford to purchase another recliner as I have only had this one about 6 months and I thought this chair with its being one of the best would last me a lifetime ! The front part of... More...
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  • Sears at Northgate

    Yesterday ,Nov,25 my niece and I were standing in line with 4 other people when this lady employee standing several feet behind us started yelling at the top of her lungs that's not the line move now to the blue arrows not know what she was referring started to move and she started yelling again not that way needless to say I put my things on counter on opposite side and said you can keep them I won't be yelled at I understand having a system but really yelling maybe that is why Sears is losing business at this store More...
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  • Cancelled Orders w No notification

    Belle was nice but she told me her name 8 times and interupted me. she was my 2nd call w Sears today as I spoke w Marlo in The phillipines and he was absolutely no helped and claimed to be a manager. i ordered a dishwasher twice online and I was never notified,. They could not answer why. They could not find my order. No offer in helping. Order #992298362 is processing, placed on Thu, Nov 03, 2016 and Nov 15 Order #993381272 is processing, placed on Tue, Nov 15, 2016. Never notified. Offered no compensation for y time of reordering. No explanation and blew me off when I asked to speak to a... More...
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  • Craftman boot falling apart

    Purchased a pair of Craftman steeltoe boots on Oct. 03 2016 and they are now on Nov.26 2016 falling apart at some of it's stitches. Tried to return them to the store and couldn't because Sears have a 30 day return policy which is written as most items and not all items.Store manager had me call customer service, they had me call the boot manufacturer and all said they wouldnot give me a refund or replacement. One other thing is I could have brought a warranty if I only knew that I could. I was not offered one and I made all the people that I mentioned above know this. Not the... More...
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  • unbelievable terrible delivery service

    So today I scheduled myself to be at my elderly parents home for a bed mattress and frame delivery. Two older men showed up grumpy and rude. One drags up the mattress and knocks the front door exterior lantern. We asked him to be careful with the fixture. Rudely he stood under it and said " I see it" and walked down the stairs with a a growl. I noticed his boots were filthy and wet. I asked him if he planned to cover up his dirty boots. He walks in on the interior entry rug and starts to wipe his feet> No imagine what big bully dogs do in parks with their back paws. He wipes... More...
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  • Wedding Rings

    We took a chance and bought our wedding rings from Sears. I sent them in to get Weld together. They took from the 9/14 to 10/25 to get done. Every time I would call to check on them the number would disconnect me after so many rings. I tried different departments at the Jordon Landings store with no answer. When I looked at my ring I could not believe it the workmanship was so bad. It is not even lined up. It's off centered and there is about a 1/8 in on one side off. To top it off they charged us $80.00. I complained and they gave us back $20.00. Now I have to take it to another... More...
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  • GE Washer GTWN2800D1WW Worse Machine Ever

    Bought this machine in December of 2013. Within the 1st year it had to be rebuilt. In March of 2016, water leaking from underneath the machine, shaft, other various parts and tub seal replaced again. In September of this year, water leaking under machine, clothes dripping wet after spin cycle. Sears sent a 3rd party repair man he came on Sept 12th. While testing it, it also stopped agitating. With further testing, the motor was gone, shaft and tub seal again, This man left the machine disassembled, stated that he would order the parts and come back to put them in. Here it is October 25th... More...
    (Repair Services)
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  • Poor service at auto repair dept

    My car needed new tires, a break check and one other rather minor repair to replace the hose to the windsheild washer. We called Sears because past experience indicated that Sears could reliably take care of us. I was told to purchase the tires on line and book the appointment on line, but that yes, they could do all these things for us. I did as recommended and booked an appointment for 10am 2 days later. Upon arriving at the store's tire center on time, I could not find anyone who would talk with me until 25 min after the appointment time. Then I was told that they... More...
    (Repair Services)
  • Sears warranty replacement services for lawn tractor

    We had the mower deck fall off from our Craftsman tractor #20393 which was still under warranty. A replacement deck was ordered by the service repairman on 6/13/16. We wanted to schedule an installation, but were put off multiple times by repair department saying that a ticket was made out by company for UPS to pick up the part from Husquevarna. We were given a tracking number but there was never any progress. We called UPS who stated they never picked up the mower deck. We finally ended up calling the Sears warranty/customer solutions who told us that part is no longer made and their... More...
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  • Sears Big and Tall Dress Jackets

    It is very concerning that someone that is heavy set and Big and Tall has no selection in Sears. I went shipping for a suit jacket and the largest that was found was 50R. I need a 56R. Yet there were several styles and sizes for what I feel, sears feels that those are the only customers that they are concerend with. My money is just as good as someone that wears smallers sizes. I felt Discriminated against and it was a slam on my character and personally felt critized. Since my money is not good to your company. I will not spend it ever again with you and I will make sure that all my... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
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  • Kenmore Elite French Door Refrigerator

    Paid almost $4000 for a Sears Kenmore Elite refrigerator in January. Call to service service dept on 8/11 because the vents behind and under the the deli drawer were frozen over SOLID. Waited 3 full weeks for service man who told me w/o even looking inside the unit that it needs a new computer and it will be another 17 days b/4 he can come back. That is 41 days from the date of my original service call. Furthermore he told me I need to get another refrigerator to put my food and medications in while I thaw this one out for 24-48 hrs before he comes back! When I complained about the long... More...
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  • Example: Sears brokenSears mower 917.20381 defective again

    I purchased the riding mower in 6/14. After deciding that this model was better than the others due to the engine and metal frame. I immediately started having issues with the drive belt coming off. I called the 1-800 number and began that process. After a few weeks they came out and replaced the belt and a few other small parts it broke. The next time I mowed, same issue. I called again, and a few weeks later they came again. Once again, the belt came off so they finally replaced it with the same model I'm 8/14. Today the drive belt came off again. There is an obvious design... More...
    (Home Improvement)
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    Decided to replace my 19 tear old Kenmore deep freezer with a new larger MORE EXPENSIVE model. Orderered on line due to lack of time to go to store. WORST MISTAKE EVER. Have been a devoted Sears Kenmore patron for 20 years including thousands of dollars just in Protection Agreements....Received freezer and it defrosted and melted within 2 days for no reason. Then it formed half inch thick frost on every surface for the whole 8 feet of the appliance. Called sears and they assigned a 3RD PARTY appliance repair company. CNE Appliance Repair in Connecticut. I was given a time frame between 8a... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
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  • Where is SEARS?

    I am a property manager in McMinnville, Oregon and come from a long line of Sears die hards. My mother and grandmother all preferred SEARS Kenmore products to any others. I think you should know that it is now impossible to get almost any type of service from Sears in McMinnville, Oregon. The store personal are lazy; "I can't deliver it until next week because I have to leave early and Im not sure it will be on the truck anyway"... and very unprofessional. We recently bought "SEARS" garage door openers, and contracted to install, but they would not come back... More...
    (Interior Design, Home Repairs - Sponsored by SEARS)
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  • Uncaring and rude

    Refrigerator with rattling noise that keeps us awake at night. Untrained technician could not fix it. Leaves us with the same problem. Many promises to schedule us but no one calls and we have to chase solutions that ended with a Tim and his boss Angelica basically saying to bad wait your turn. Here we remain with restless nights andt they were clear about "to bad"! More...
    (Repair Services)
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  • False note by delivery people

    Urgent: This is Mr Sen Reference sales check No 013130266938. Dishwasher was to be delivered today between 2 -4 PM in Nashua, Nh 03063. At the time of purchase and again today I called three times and provided my cell if they were running late. I was told by Esa and two others receptionists that delivery company was running late for one hour and one-half hour delay. I provided my cell number three times. After waiting for two hours, I left at about 4:10 PM and got back at 4:45Pm and saw a message left at our home phone - time was 4:41. Clearly they did not call me at my cell.... More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • refrigerator delivery

    I purchased a 2100 dollar refrigerator and was scheduled to have a refrigerator delivered on 8/10 between 1145 and 145. I took off a day from work, which was out of town, drove two hours home waited all day. Mo one showed up so at 2 pm I called the Advantis-Sears phone number and was told the item would not be delivered it was damaged, and when I asked why no one called me I was told sorry by a person who barely speaks English. I finally spoke with a supervisor (who can barely speak English) who said he would give me 180 for my trouble, which I still have not received. Upon delivery the... More...
    (Delivery Services)
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