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Sears Complaint - I would like to file a complaint...
Sears Complaint

Sears Complaint


I would like to file a complaint...

I would like to file a complaint about the Kenmore He3T washer, and a complaint about the Sears Warranty and Appliance repair center. I have a Kenmore washer that's a little over 2 years old that is already having problems. After the wash cycle is complete, the washer gets stuck at the drain cycle. The machine stops functioning, so it will not drain or spin, and the clothes end up sitting in water.

I purchased a Sears Warranty on the product, to get the problem resolved and spent over $200. It was serviced. The problem was the machine was "eating" up small garments, which were getting stuck in the drain pipe. So talk about poor design. They found six PAIRS of socks stuck in the drain pipe!!! Obviously they were removed, and since then we have been washing smaller garments in a separate wire mesh bag. Isn't that efficient and convenient, for such an expensive washer! Well, even that isn't working quite well, because we are missing socks again, so now I have to purchase a separate bag that has a zipper as opposed to a drawstring to avoid the same problem!
So it's been less than 60 days since the last service was performed, and now the washer is once again not draining and spinning. I called for a service call, only to be given one 10 days away. What are we supposed to do till then, after much debate, it is clear that no one in customer service really cares about this delay, and I'm stuck with the situation till they can come.
On the day of service, I am given a four hour window, 8-12pm, for which I have to reschedule my day. During the day, I made several calls to confirm my appointment and get a better ETA on the technicians arrival. I am told all is on track. I stay home till 1am - an hour after my designated time frame, and still no arrival from the technician or even a call. At this point, I have spent an hour with the customer service department trying to 'fix' the situation or get another appointment. After multiple reroutings, and being hung up on several times, I am told that the next available appt would be in another 10 days, and once again, that's the best they can do! After much complaining on my part, I finally get a rep who gives me an appointment for the next morning, and promises that I will be the first appointment of the day at 8am, so that I do not have to reschedule my entire day again.
Well today is that day. It is currently 9:50am, and I have already spent 45 minutes on the phone with customer service. Again, not surprisingly, to find no relief and only frustration. I am told that I am 6th in line. I have again been routed and rerouted from international call centers to national call centers to routing offices, etc, only to be either hung up on, or to get the standard, 'there's nothing else we can do about this'. I also get, yes this is our mistake, but really your problem!
I have asked for a refund on my warranty, only to be laughed upon. I have once again had to reschedule my entire morning, I still don't know when the technician will arrive if he even does.

The customer service department has poor escalations, remorse or regret for it's lousy service, and remediation plan for unhappy customers. There is no escalation process in place for customers to speak with anyone that can actually make a change, nor any escalation process to reprioritize things to make up for mistakes.
I will never buy a Sears appliance again, nor will I purchase a service agreement again.

I would like a full refund on my warranty for all the hassle, trouble and lack of service from Sears. I think this is the absolute minimum I am entitled to. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and will continue to post negative feedback on products and warranties on as many sites as possible. Unless Sears is ready to accept some accountability, in this day and age, this level of service is atrocious and unacceptable.

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babyboy says: (4 years ago)
you should accept valid mass id with check my parents senior citizens do not drive anymore a mass id and passport is accepted every else not everyone drives filing consumer complaint also looking into policy ect you will not get any business from my family will also post on facebook 2 senior citizens we told their check no good without license mass id is valid form id with checks

anhji says: (6 years ago)
I had the same problem with my washer. I own it for 6 weeks now and my machine just stopped and lid locked almost every time I used the service. I had service people came 4 times and they could not fix the problem. I called customer solution over 15 times already and basically get the run-around. Customter solution tell me to go back to the outlet store in Santa Ana to talk to the manager. I did. And the manager there tell me that I would not let me return it unless the service say that it's un-fixable. The service group said that they would not never say anything is un-fixable. So basically, I'm not stuck with a not working right washer and I get a run-around between 3 departments (service, customer solution, and the outlet store. I bought extended warrantee but that only sound great at the time the sale person try to get you to buy it. I would never buy anything from Sears any more. I'll write a formal complain to california business bureau and the Sears Head Quarter. It's so sad that Sears still can survise with this way of doing business. They basically just lie to customers and does not care of keeping up with any of the promise they made to customers at all.

onesassidog says: (6 years ago)
WOW it is amazing to find out my parents are not the only ones who have been ripped off by SEARS. The story is almost the same. My parents bought a washer from the McDowell Appliance Store in AZ. Within a year the washer was making big round holes in their clothes.
My Mother finally called the service department (the word service is the biggest joke). A "repair technician" came out and said he could find no problem. Then he found a paperclip in the drum and told my Mother that is why she had holes in her clothes. My Mother disputed that statement with him based on logic. The holes were round and not the size or shape of a paper clip. So he changed out the timer and switch sensor and left. The holes continued and my Mum called "Service" again. She asked them to not send out the same technician. They told her they would assign a different person. Same person came out and this time he told my Mum they were having problems with that model washer. The washer had new parts in it and there were several problems. So what does he do...he replaces the filter and agitator and tells her there is a process with Sears. You have to go through 3 trouble calls before they will do anything else.
So we still are having holes and now they are saying my Mum has to have another trouble call!!!
So I call in and speak to a Arlene in the Service Department. She definitely needs to go back to training in human sensitivity. She knows the "Sears Process" down pat, but that is it. When I asked what my parents were suppose to do about the torn clothes...she offered a $75.00 gift certificate. I told her that was wonderful but two of my Dad's shirts would absorb that. She stated that was all she could do.
So I called the store and talked with a very nice women who was going to write a detailed message about the situation and send it to management. I explained my parents are 88 and 93 and cannot go to a laundry mat to wash their clothes and unless Sears was going to pay for their dry cleaning bills something needed to be done.
No one in "Service" reacts to a situation with any passion or urgency. They just know the process. We are now two months without any satisfaction.
The detailed message that was suppose to go to management who is supposedly Pete Lucas never happened. I got a telephone call today from Sandy who basically told me she could do nothing because of the "process". So the 4 extra days I waited for this message to get to "Management" was a waste of time.
My Mother's machine is under warranty until the end of August and I think that is what this is all about.
How do you in all good consciousness not help two people who are 88 and 93.
Does anyone have any suggestions??? I am going to the newspaper and channel 3 next.

BrendaT51 says: (7 years ago)
The same sevice with me! 6 week old side by side refrig. I lost $300+ in food due to it stop workng. not cooling or freezing. I had to wait a week to get an appt. Then after waiting all day the repairman called and askd what wrong said not coming out. Eric in Commercial promised would replace with a better one and I could pay difference, another 2 weeks still no price difference or date.....finally was told i needed to pay $1800 for the new one then after they got the broken 6week old one then I would get credit. DO I HAVE STUPID ON MY FORHEAD? after 27 days of having to eat out I lost it--Eric from Greenville, SC Sears commercal said he had a sinus infectin for a week??? I said it has been over 3 weeks_I was tired of this and talked to a good friend that was an attorney-He went OFF screeming kept saying then I'll have nothing else to say. He talking over me I asked him several times could I say someing? then he hung up on me. I tried to call him back 5 times and he refused to answer the phone. This is very unprofesional and after talkng to my developer found this is not the first time they have this problem with the same people. I will never buy anything from Sears again!!!!!!!!!!!!

jraselin says: (8 years ago)
I ordered 20th October, and Fifty-one lost my order because of incomplete adress.

Sears didn't refund me. And I've lost 152 $

I advice you not to buy on Sears.com if you don't want to loose your money.

They robbed me 152 $, it's inacceptable, how can they do that with impunity.

There is a pictures of the email confirmation and the order tracking.




flyfish says: (8 years ago)
i have a 2007 oasis HE washer. it won't wash large blankets or sheets without UL (uneven load) code coming up. sear repairman said it was normal for that to happen and every time you just need to open the washer and readjust the load. it ruined a blanket by stretching it and ripping a hole in it. they didn't care. now the machine turns on by itself and runs through the cycles quickly. the only way to make it stop it is by unplugging it. The machine won't work and it is only 2 years old. of course out of warrenty. they don't care i will never buy another sears product. i want everybody to know that there products last until the warrant is up.

Angryconsumer77 says: (8 years ago)
I am currently having the same problem with the HE2 - I honestly think some people at Sears enjoy telling us they understand my frustration at not having a washer for over 7 weeks but the next part needed is on backorder and cannot ship for another 10 days.
I will NEVER shop at Sears again.

joy535 says: (10 years ago)
I am right there with you. It has now been a whole month since I could use my HE2 front loader. Apparently the part hasn't left the factory. No one can give me satisfaction. I asked for overnight delivery once they get the part and they say it will taske 4-7 business days. I also have the 5 year extened warrany, but what good is it? I will also not buy from seads again. They aren't willing to work with me in any way and won't compensate me for the many terips to the laundromat. I am 65 raising my three grandaughters. If anyone can help please!

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