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Sears Complaint - Mattress Warranty - Sealy Mattress
Sears Complaint

Sears Complaint


Mattress Warranty - Sealy Mattress

My husband purchased our mattress and the store warranty from Sears in May 09 and to our dismay it started to sag about four months after we bought it. (Even though we routinely turn it each month) So here were are in Feb 2010 and I call the number listed on the back of my Sears warranty. They tell me to call the store I purchased it from so I do. The store tells me I need to fax them some information and I notify them I do not have a fax and direct me to the store where they will fax it for me. No such luck. Am rudely told by the store employee "we don't do that...we have never done that unless this is something new I don't know about. You have to call the number on your warranty. So again I call the number listed on the warranty and finally get some help." Am then transfered to the Delivery Solutions department who take my claim. About 15 min later Sears Exchange Department calls me regarding my claim. The Rep didn't give me his name just old me I could either measure the bed and take pictures myself or have the mattress company come out and do it for me. So I figure I have two small children at home what the hey will have them come do it. Well the rep gave me the wrong number, which I repeated back to him, so I call Sears again. This time am given the right number and am told I can measure the mattress with string to show the sagging. Call Integrated Bedding, who is not Sealy as I thought, and am told it will cost me $45 to have them come out. So again I call Sears and tell them I wasn't told there was a fee, which they so kindly apologized for. Then I ask how to measure the mattress and take the photos and where to send them. Am told to use a broom and ruler to show the sagging. I proceed to take pictures with the broom and string since I am not sure which way to do it and tired of jumping through hoops. I get them done and with the email sent in call Sears back. I am NOW informed that because my mattress does not sag more than an inch and a half I do not qualify for the warranty. So am angry and ask to speak to a manager to whom I explain the entire situation to and let her know it feels as though I am sleeping in a ditch, and her response is I am sorry but you do not qualify because it is not more than an inch and a half and it sounds more like a comfort issue. So I tell her do the pictures show sagging and she says yes they do but not the inch and a half. So I tell her then how is it a comfort issue and not a sagging issue. Her reply it's not an inch and a half try again in a few months.

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sraesufsraesuf says: (4 years ago)
I am on my second...sears-o-pedic trinity 3 chiropractic pillow top euro foam bed(firm)....sears replaced the first one..no questions asked..2 inch sag...I have had this one for 2 years now and I spend most of my sleeping (90%) on the couch... I still rotate the mattress every month..as required..and every couple of days I give the mattress another chance...once again I wake up with almost unbearable back pain...the mattress guy came out here...blamed it on my frame?..however the frame was OK the first time they replaced it....so I did the necessary adjustments to the frame...back still hurts...this bed is the biggest piece of junk I have ever owned...so this time when he comes I am telling him if its not replaced then its gonna get it dropped off at sears ..right at the front doors...then they can deal with it because I am sick of it

Leticia1oropeza says: (4 years ago)
Same as previous buyers got it home within a couple of weeks it's like sleeping in a ditch. Worst mattress ever! Sears customer service is non existent I have called several xs was told they would send out an inspector to ck it out I took a day off work for this waited all day no one showed .... After waiting for 3hrs I called only to find out sears had cancelled contract w/inspector but failed to inform its customers .. My appt was for Friday 3/14/14 it had been confirmed on Wed. 3/12/14 I called sears they tell me "oh let me ck on that" place me on hold ...15mins. Only to to tell me yes I'm sorry we did cancel the contract and didn't call you because we have so much work." Seriously!!! Then the cust. Service rep informs me she will send me an email w/ instructions on how I can measure the mattress and submit pics. I need to measure the ditch and then they will see if they can do something! Do NOT BUY!!!!

Noelawright says: (5 years ago)
not happy with the way I was treated,after dealing with Sears since 1947,I need a mattress that I cxan sleep on,

Eaglesmom says: (5 years ago)
I had the same problem with Sears-O-Pedic. We bought it in May 2010. In December we complained about the gap. The warranty did not apply. This was the worst mattress I have ever owned!

I was shopping for a Sealy. I just read your complaint. Sears has a sale with Sealy mattresses. The warranty is supposed to be non-prorated. I hoped I would be dealing with Sealy and not Sears on warranty issues.

I don't mind spending money on a good mattress. I expect the company to stand behind their product. Sears is a continued disappointment.

backbroker says: (5 years ago)
My wife purchased ours in December of 09 and to this day my back and side are in so much pain, it's unfathomable. I've had CT scans to see why my side aches all the time and this shitty $1500 mattress is to blame. It sags almost 1.5 inches and yet we don't qualify for a replacement.


tntjr says: (6 years ago)
I've had similar experience to you all. Through this board was able to find the Sears Cares folks. I was able to get our mattress replaced (Sealy pillowtop) once. The replacement started sagging within 3 months. I complained again and got a return phone call telling me it needs to have 1 1/2" of sag before they will do anything. Now it's 6 months later and my back is a mess from sleeping in a hole. The pillowtop makes it nearly impossible to take a photo which documents the sag. Yesterday, a half hour after I got out of bed, my wife say she hears a "pop" as if as spring was dislodging on my side of the bed. Then she heard another. This think is a piece of junk.

I've tried emailing and calling, using my case number and an email thread of the history. Rather than telling me I'm out of luck, they just ignore me.

I used to be a big fan of Sears. It's not hard to see why they're not doing well.

This was an expensive mistake. Assuming I continue to hear nothing, I will pony up and buy a replacement from a local, smaller supplier and make sure I have a warranty that will take care of me.

BTW, the mattress we replaced was an 18 year old Verlo. At 18 years old, it was in far better shape than the 9 month old POS we have now.

Sears still has a chance to redeem themselves in my case, but I'm not hopeful. If I end up replacing it, my complaints will likely find their way to a more public forum than this.

WilliamandEliabeth says: (6 years ago)
Dear Brian,

When you are done with JadeJenna, please contact me regarding the exact same issue. We have a faulty saggy mattress and have run into rude, condescending employees of Sears. We are very disappointed with Sears service, as this is where we have always purchased all of our major appliances our entire life. We are 86 and 82 years old and completely disappointed and discouraged with Sears employees as well as the red tape regarding mattress.

aerial22 says: (6 years ago)
We just went through a similar experience. However, we met the exchange guideline of 1.5". Our issue wasn't sagging in the middle of the mattress, rather our pillowtop had shifted over 2.5" in one direction. They agreed to deliver the current model of our mattress. We received the replacement mattress on Saturday and we knew right away that the mattress didn't have the same comfort level as our previous mattress.

We contacted the warranty department to voice our displeasure. They told us to go to Sears and find a mattress with a similar comfort level to our previous mattress. Sealy didn't have any mattresses in their lineup that were similar in comfort to our previous mattress. The sales representative then had us try out a Simmons Beautyrest with pocketed coils. We loved it as it met the comfort of our previous mattress.

I called the warranty department this afternoon to give them the item number and they informed me I would have to pay the difference in price from my original purchase price to the sales price of the Simmons mattress. They indicated that they only do free exchanges when it's the same make and model. Although unhappy, I was willing to pay the difference of roughly $50 to be comfortable. They then added insult to injury and said we would also need to pay a delivery fee. Needless to say this will be our last purchase from Sears. It's easy to see why they are closing so many stores.

RobinJane says: (6 years ago)
Thanks for taking the time to write your story here. I have a similar story only I bought my bed from Sleep Country. $1500. and I'm sleeping in a ditch after only 3 years...the other side is as hard as a rock...I have had one bed replaced...Now I am shopping...I was looking at Sears...BUT...experience has taught me to research and find our what others are experiencing before I spend any more money!! THANK YOU!! After reading about your experience, I sent Sears a note outlining exactly why I won't be shopping there today. I also looked at the Bay...their mattresses start at $2700. what a joke! Like I'm going to risk that kind of money!! There is something intricately wrong with the new design of bed...the pillow top / flat bottom....beds used to last 10 - 20 years....now they max out after 2. Where are they coming from? CHINA ??? I am planning on cutting my bed open after I find a replacement and videoing the inside of it and posting it on utube and facebook....finally the consumer has some power. The 1% will rise.

Dissappointed123 says: (6 years ago)
Someone needs to file a class action about the deceptive advertising and false sale prices, and thier lack of follow through with their exchange/warranty program on matteress. I have a new Serta Lonewood II "pillowtop" that is so hard it will wake you-up in 3 hours. Look at their internet advertising - same mattress listed twice with an inflated "normal price." I am dissabled and bought on-line from Sears like a dummy. Sears used to be a good store about 30 years ago! I have not spent a penney there since this problem started. Cut-up my Sears card. BEWARE. David

ramoore says: (6 years ago)
I've had my queen-size mattress for a year and a half. It started sagging in a major way after six months. I haven't contacted Sears because I keep reading about all of these other horror stories. What I *will* do, however, is NEVER EVER EVER buy anything at Sears again. Clearly the highly respected store my parents and grandparents shopped at has been replaced by a low-end, low-quality store that only carries the Sears name.

The beds at Sears ARE crap. And I can only extrapolate and conclude that the rest of the merchandise sold there is crap as well.
I just bought a new mattress from 'The Original Mattress Company' that is warranteed for ten years. I have no doubt that my experience with them will be a good one.

Tortoise says: (6 years ago)
I purchased a mattress from Sears. It sags. Sears "Customer
Solutions" transferred me to the "Mattress Warrantee Center."
I also was told to measure the sag with a string or pole. the sag
wasn't the required 1 1/2 inches. I was told to take a variety of
pictures including labels on the mattress. I felt I was getting the
run around to tire me out and give up. They succeeded. It seemed
hopeless dealing with them. I learned my lesson. I will never
buy from Sears again and I will never buy another Sealy mattress.

vincentj says: (7 years ago)
we bought the same trinity3 chiropractic sears mattress. after 2 weeks it was like sleeping in a bowl. 2 weeks????? . sears says i cannot get my money back only exchange. i say to sears i will see you in court.crap mattress.sears deals in bad faith. my warranty is good for a refund but sears said they would send a furniture medic to check it out.they did this just to stretch out the time past the warranty refund deadline.if they dont give a refund there will be court action.

vincentj says: (7 years ago)
we bought the same trinity3 chiropractic sears mattress. after 2 weeks it was like sleeping in a bowl. 2 weeks????? . sears says i cannot get my money back only exchange. i say to sears i will see you in court.crap mattress.sears deals in bad faith. my warranty is good for a refund but sears said they would send a furniture medic to check it out.they did this just to stretch out the time past the warranty refund deadline.if they dont give a refund there will be court action.

StillSoreBack says: (7 years ago)
I was contacted by sears to help after complaining of a terrible mattress. It is less than 5 years old and has a 1 3/4 inch sag. First they say I needed to send 6 pictures meeting their requirements. Did that. They say yes you qualify for a new mattress. Next they refused to give me full value refund even though my warranty clearly states it is not prorated. The mattress replacement that they now have is $3oo.oo less than what I paid and I am suppose to bite amount, I think not. I requested a new mattress and the difference in either cash or Sears gift card. Next they tell me THEY don't have my warranty and I have to fax it to them. Yup did that too and they say they can't find my fax even though I sent it from UPS and have a receipt showing the transmission was complete. I am to the point I just want to return my mattress and get all my cash back. I have been a sears loyal customer for almost 30 years. That doesn't seem to matter. What good is a warranty if they don't honor it??What is a girl to do?????

Consumerinpain says: (7 years ago)
We purchased a new King size Simmons Firm mattress from Sears 5/1/11. The first one was defective, had a huge lump at the feet, it was sleep able at least until the next one came. They ordered another one that came within a week. It was HORRIBLE!!! Some major components must have been missing from the mattress. When you got in the bed you literally fell thru the mattress & onto the foundation (box springs below). We had company so we had to sleep on the floor for days until this was resolved, I am 36 years old & have rheumatoid arthritis, this did not make me happy! We called again to order a new one & decided to switch beds altogether this time. I wasn’t ready to go for the 3rd times a charm routine on a Simmons. This time we went to the store again to pick out a new brand all together. We drove 40 minutes away to find a Sears store with a larger selection. We ordered a Serta Perfect Sleeper Tresor King Firm. It took a week or two to get this one. The first night slept great, next couple of weeks were ok. Now that we are 3 months in the bed is HORRIBLE! I wake up with a burning pain in my back that is unbearable! My husband weighs 150 lbs and has somehow created a HUGE hole in his side, you lay down & your head & feet feel like they are being pulled into the air while your butt sinks a foot. I only noticed because it has become so uncomfortable that we tried rotating the mattress, I immediately made him turn it back. He said he tried to sleep further down on the mattress (feet hanging off the end) to avoid the hole. I lean to the center of the mattress when I sleep. My side is higher than his side so I lean; I put a pillow on that side of the mattress so that it can prop me up. We measured & there is an inch & a quarter dip in his side of the mattress. It seems like the no flip mattresses are made so cheap that this is almost normal with all no flip King Size mattresses. The outer edge is too thick & there is no support in the middle. I intend to spend another weekend mattress shopping & find another mattress, one that doesn’t make me cry in pain all day & one that is NOT from Sears. 3 times is definitely not a charm! My mom ordered a mattress the same day as us & has yet to have it delivered because she is scared of the problems we have had. Would I recommend Sears to anyone in the future, NO.

Clandr says: (7 years ago)
I purchased a queen Springwall Mattress set from Sears in May 2008 for my elderly mother. The sag in the middle of this mattress is 1 3/4" and 1 1\2" - THE MATTRESS DOCTOR paid us a visit from Sears. They were prompt with the phone call in March of 2011. It is not May and I was informed by Sears that it doesn't qualify to be replaced under warranty because it is not 2" as the manufactures warranty says. Interesting, I contacted the manufacturer this week to be told that their contract with Sears is that Sears looks after the warranty issues - not the manufacturer at all. Bottom line - my elderly slight frame mother has an expensive mattress with a noticible sagging, that has now caused her severe back pain from slipping into the "ditching" caused by this - and no one is able to do anything to assist in a solution. I only know that this mattress has an obvious sag that is evident by anyone looking at it - you do not need to measure it.

krabbit says: (7 years ago)
we also got a sears mattress that sagged after 4 months, we still have it as sears is impossible to deal with. They want photos with meassurements will not send anyone to look at it. and they get to decide if 1" sag is acceptible. I pay MY money but they get to decide what is acceptible. Never again will we purchase any item from SEARS

marisol707 says: (7 years ago)
The same thing happened to us. we called in and faxed in the receipt and emailed pictures but our sag was more than 2 inches and they told us that the bed had some stains so the stains caused the saggin i am pretty sure those are not liquid stains of water,wine or anything like that and they told us we dont qualify either! we are super pissed off. my husband cant sleep in the bed with me because his back hurts too much to even lay down on it. I so think we need to talk to a manager. have you gotten any help yet?

kleiner says: (7 years ago)
We are going through the same crap. Our backs hurt, a tech came out to measure it, but it is not 2 inches of sagging, So they will not return it. You can totally see the sag. As well when they do the string test, it only shows the sag with no weight on it. When someone is to lie on the matress it sinks a lot more. The weight will affect different materials. Ie a sag on a 2x4 is the sag on a 2x4 but a sag on a matress with no weight on it does not show its acutal sag. Dissaopinted with this matress

warren999 says: (8 years ago)
We bought two Sealy Posturepedic California king size mattresses from Sears in Feb '09. The first was a "Spring Blossom" pillowtop, and immediately after we received it we would sink into holes on each side of the bed. We returned that one (yes it was a hassle) and purchased the firmer "Cason Bay" model, thinking it would not have that issue. It was firmer, but we still sank into holes. Neither of us are very heavy. I'm around 180lbs. We have been putting up with it but are losing sleep. I think they put better foam in the center to prevent it from sagging in the middle. Not happy.

smoline says: (8 years ago)
We are going through the same nightmare - exactly! No need to repeat anything. This is beyond frustrating. Buying from Sears is not what is used to be.

SearsCares says: (8 years ago)
To Jadejenna,
First allow me to apologize for the delay in finding this post. My name is Brian and I’m part of the Sears Cares Escalations team. I apologize that we were not able to authorize a replacement of your mattress. The guidelines of the amount of sag are dictated by the manufacturer, and we cannot override those guidelines and force Sealy to do the replacement. We do value you as a customer and I am concerned that you were treated in such a manner by the people you talked to. That is not acceptable and we would like to speak with you on this. At your convenience, please contact my office via email at searscares@searshc.com and we can look into this. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and the phone number the mattress was purchased under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. Also, in your email, please provide the screen name (Jadejenna) used to post on this site, for reference to your issue, and we do look forward to talking to you soon.
Thank you,
Brian J.
Senior Case Manager
Sears Cares

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