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Sears Feedback - repair service
Sears Feedback

Sears Feedback


repair service

I have been a customer since before 1976 and this is my first time having trouble with you. I purchased a washer (whirlpool)at your facility. The washer had a problem and needed to be fixed. I called Sears repair the week of January 12th,and was told that a service man would call me and I should be there from 8 - 12 on Monday January 17th.The washer was at my son's address and I told them to call my cell and I would be there all morning. The man never called but did show. Sears # 0008173 - Service order # 69646138 - Technician ID: 0002677. He said it was a computer board and he will order the part and we paid him $153.00 to come and was onlu there 15 minutes. The piece came in and he told us to call the repair # when t=it did. They rescheduled the date fr Wednesday, January 29th. The part came in on Friday, the 23rd. I called sears again and they reschuled it for Monday, January 26th from 8 - 12. I waited and no one showed. Left at 12:30. Returned home and they were two messages from sears. Couldn't understand one of the messages the women taled to fast and not very legible. Called and reschedule today from 1 - 5. Some called (same lady that left the message before) and said something and the only think I understood was Sears. I called the repair center at 11:30 and talked to a young lady that I had to have repeat what she was saying - I told her I couldn't understand her and she kept on saying she was sorry. She got in touch with repair man and he had to go to the store at this time and was coming to me right after. I waited til 3 p.m. called the repair center had the same girl and the same problem. Told her I want to talk to a supervisor. I waited 5-1/2 minutes for him to get to the phone. He kept saying hello and acted like he couldn't hear me. His name was John and he was suppose to be a manager. He hung up he had my phone # he could of called me back but didn't.
My son came home and had the same problem - he taled with a Mark. I have missed three days at work and still haven't had the problem fixed. I have the part that is being put on the Sears charge for $118.85. When I got home I had a call from the repair man - Everytime I talked with anyone I gave them my Cell phone # and they leave the messages on my home phone not the cell where I am waiting for them. I am tired of getting the run around and trying to talk to someone I cannot understand. Their English is terrible. What I would like from you is the address/store I can return this part to and received my money back. Sarah Sweet,3 Longwood Road, Salem, NH 03079

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jordan11 says: (7 years ago)
Purchased a TV (Proscan)approximately one (1) year ago. Scheduled service because the vedio had gone out. Repair man could not fix the TV because the part needed is not manufactured by Proscan. The Sears repair man told me that Proscan never produced this part. This TV was only months out of warranty. Now I have a worthless TV, approximately one (1) yeaes old. I am appalled to learn that Sears would sell a product to which repairs can not be made.

ed1234 says: (8 years ago)
my service that was done oct 14 was great the service tech was great in getting the machine up and running

morris2426 says: (8 years ago)
Tech ID # 0001420 was the best..knows his stuff..made me a happy camper..fixed my dryer in no time..very professional

bbomar says: (8 years ago)
I purchased a Sharp 37" lcd tv from Sears in early 2008 and purchased the very expensive in home service agreement sold as repair / replace. I have been a customer of Sears for years even though my friends and family said Sears does not stand behind the products they sell. In late March of 2010 my TV went out. I called Sears because of the in home service I purchased. They were quick to respond to the service request and they got to my house in 2 weeks. (laugh) The problem with the TV was the power supply. Sears called the next day and told me that the part was on back order and not scheduled to make. I was unsure what that meant to me but OK. so after 2 more weeks had went by I called customer service (laugh, Laugh) and asked how long this was going to go on. I was told that they would then try and find the part local (Houston Texas) and that if they could not find the part than it would be up to the service manager to decide if they would replace the unit and that I should give them 48 hours. THe next day I got a call at around 9am and was told that they had found the part and that I would have it by that Friday or Monday and they would get it installed as soon as the part arived. Later that day I got another call from Sears "customer service" saying that the part had had shipped from the factory on 4/28/2010 and it would arive by Thursday 5/6/2010 of the following week. They at that point they scheduled to be at my house on 5/17/2010. The morning of 5/17/2010 the service man called and said he was on his way, I asked if he had the part and he said no. His name was Terry and he is the most helpful person I found through this very shi(*& process with Sears. So the day after my TV was supposed to be repaired I got another call from the "Customer Service people saying they had found the part and were having it sent next day again and it would arive by wednesday or thursday? This is not any next day service I had ever heard of but what ever. Then later that day I got a call from another "customer service" person named Rosa saying that if the part was not found than they would ok a rental since the part would not be available until the end of june? What happened to repair/replace? what is an accectable time to wait for this unit to be repaired? by the end of june this has been going on for more than 3 months. Sears Sucks. My friends and family were right and I hate that I found it out this way. Sears has been in the USA since 1893 and this is how they have turned out. They do not support the products they sell. They do not back the extended warrantys they sell and The customer service people can't even get thier stories (lies) straight when they call you. Sad that this is what this department store has come to after 117 years. DO NOT BUY FROM SEARS!!!

peps says: (8 years ago)
Saturday May 15th my service guy called to say that he would be arriving at a certain time. He was on time. He was a very friendly person. I showed him where my treadmill was and he had the problem solved plus explained as he went. within a matter of time. Thanks ID: 0566034

JJWAR says: (9 years ago)
From the moment we reported a problem with our Kenmoor stove, all communication, service calls and repairs came off without a hitch. Good service and courteous and knowledgable workers.

rosebush says: (9 years ago)
I bought a refrigerator filter a service man in my home in Jan2010 I never used it due to the ref. was returned to sears.The store assoc. tells me I must go to the service and parts down the road in salsbury Md.They tell me oh no we can not take that back you must call this # 410-762 5740 and than you have to go to UPS and mail the filter and they will give you a sears gift card!I paid cash I want cash back!I call the # the recording said for 20min.we will be with you momentarily....that means,for only an instant or moment...very soon....18 mins. is no way very soon!So here is the deal,you call that # and spend half the day on hold and then you call me when you find out what I have to do to get my money back!443-365 6300 Renee Sechrist

marek94 says: (9 years ago)
Good work

Jaden says: (9 years ago)
Technician ID: 0858589
Did an excellent job for us today(12/04/09). We were without heat upstairs. We now can enjoy heat again. It was a Rheem Elec Furn/Air system. We are very pleased with the service.

clark399 says: (9 years ago)
I would like to let you know that the repairman that came to my house to repair my clothes dryer was very professional. He went right to the problem and rectified the situation.

doomday says: (9 years ago)
V. Good. Work

graumc says: (9 years ago)
Very pleased. Technician Aaron # 0977454 was very professional and courteous. He replaced the front panel on the oven in no time and it looks great.

dhev says: (9 years ago)
I called for service and was treated with respect. The service man was courteous and fixed the problem quickly.

millie1 says: (9 years ago)

Daniella says: (9 years ago)
Great efficient service. Repairman courteous and cleaned up areas. Found the problem immediately.

morgan says: (9 years ago)
Tony,0004911, Came promptly and repaired our treadmill efficiently.He was cordial and courteous.

DelB says: (9 years ago)
I called for service on my washer which would not spin and the water was standing. After having to wait 8 days the repair person showed up much to my surprise at a reasonable hour. He had to try many parts before he found the problem. He even had to leave and pick up a part from another service man in the field. To my surprise he cleaned the area and put the machine back together so nothing was in my way while he was away. His work ethics are to be commended. Troubleshooters helped until the job was complete. To this I say Thank you sears. I am a satified customer.

nypdphil says: (9 years ago)
I called for service for my HD TV.
The service was on time. After speaking with him while he worked on the TV, I was quite impressed with his knowledge and expertise.
When he finished my TV was playig like new and I recently called Sears to extend my protection agreement for another 2 years.

Smecker says: (9 years ago)
I have purchased man tools, appliances & yard tractors from Sears.
I have a maintenace agreement on our water heater and had to call in service.
The technician called stating we were his third stop that day & he would call when leaving his call before us. He later called stating he was at and about to leave the stop before us. He was only 10 minutes away based on his GPS.

He arrived and replaced the thermostat in the water heater. He was here less than one hour including the travel time from the prior stop.
The labor charge was $153.00 plus parts. While this was covered under warranty, the labor charge of $153.00 was way out of line for less than one hour, including travel time to our home.
I will reconsider whether I want to purchase any more items at Sears and will certainly not use their repair service due to the excess labor rates.

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